Oil on canvas

Renee Zeitzer

Studio #15


Between traveling with her husband, and spending time with friends both on and off of the tennis court, Renee enjoys painting in studio #15 at Mid City Studios. Oil painting is Renee’s medium of choice, and her artwork is often whimsical, at times incorporating stuffed animals or toys into the composition. Although only recently returning to the creation of her own art on a more regular basis, Renee has enjoyed incorporating drawing and the use of creative self expression into her career in a variety of ways. Beginning her career as an art therapist, Renee assisted both adults and children in portraying their thoughts and feelings in order to help them achieve personal growth. Upon returning to school and studying occupational therapy, Renee found it beneficial to incorporate drawing into her work with young students; building both confidence and improved pencil control as they worked towards strengthening fine motor skills needed both in the home and the classroom. Childhood continues to be a theme explored in Renee’s work and she is inspired by the child within each of us.


Allison Stewart

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