Oil Painting 24”x24”

Michelle D’Armour

Studio #15


I was born in upstate New York and spent most of my career as an educator. I have degrees in French, Spanish and Art and a MS in school administration. After teaching in Upstate New York and Long Island, N.Y. for 10 years, I became a principal. When I retired from public education, I continued to work with teachers and educators in New York City as a clinical supervisor and adjunct professor of education.


I began painting in 1977 in LaCoste, Provence, France where I worked with Bernard Pfreim, a SoHo artist, and his apprentice. I enthusiastically continued to paint for a few years until the job as a school administrator and raising my daughter became too complicated to continue. After a few attempts to start painting again I abandoned the idea of painting until I retired completely and moved to New Orleans in 2013. I began painting under the mentorship of Phil C. Thompson and also attended the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. I have exhibited in Southampton, N.Y. Arts Show, at Palmer Park Arts Market and Mid City Studios. I am inspired by many artists, but particularly the works of Georgia O’Keeffe .


My medium is oil paint and I particularly love painting all things organic , but mostly flowers and vegetables. I love to get intimate with my subjects by getting up close and personal.

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