Presse Dufour 

Design & Letterpress 

New Orleans 

(504) 388-3719

Karen Dufour

Studio #14


Presse Dufour is a one-person design and letterpress studio based in the heart of New Orleans. My letterpress goods are carefully hand cranked, one at a time, on my vintage Vandercook flatbed cylinder proof press. I specialize in custom printing, from wedding invitations to business cards and personalized stationery. I also hand draw, design and print a line of cards, postcards and limited-edition prints.


There is a connection between my graphic design, artwork and way of living: simplicity. My first graphic design job was during college in an offset print shop. I loved collating, burning film, listening to the rhythm of the presses, and taking in the smell of fresh ink. After working as a graphic designer for many years, a serendipitous introduction to letterpress at one point reintroduced me to everything I love about design and paper. Letterpress printing marries my desire to design, yet also work with my hands.


Both natural and manmade landscapes have been my interest since childhood, like the bayou once behind my childhood home in New Orleans East, the rows of pylons or factories which surrounded it, the trees in St. Tammany Parish, or the architecture of the greater New Orleans area. I am drawn to represent my surroundings—those mysterious, quiet and subtle scenes my eye and conscience are drawn to. Along with my affection for the Gulf South and anything old, I am inspired by our years living in London and our travels in Europe. Works have also stemmed from living in Austin, Texas.

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