Evening Sail On The Lake

Joan DaGradi

Studio #14


Joan DaGradi grew up in Baltimore, studied art in Provincetown, MA  and New York, and has called New Orleans home for many years. She was a founding member of the Degas Pastel Society and is a Signature member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society. Her work at a New Orleans art gallery exhibit drew praise from the former local art critic Roger Green, of the Times-Picayune when he wrote: "DaGradi has contributed the most impressive works to the show.  Her small drawings of local scenes are tiny jewels. DaGradi's work makes the 'Louisiana Interpretations' credible". An art critic  from the New Orleans Gambit Weekly Newspaper also favorably wrote:  "What makes these paintings fresh is that the sites under DaGradi's gentle brush become dreamlike. 'Beautiful and tranquil' best describe DaGradi's work."


Throughout her career, her unwavering focus has always been to achieve mastery in whatever medium most suits her need for expression, while finding inspiration from the wealth of amazing work accomplished by great master artists of the past and present.


Describing her own work, DaGradi says "the phrase 'watercolors are poetry, oils are prose' pretty much sums up my current direction. Having painted in oils for many years, watercolors are ever the fresh and elusive challenge".  She currently has work showing at the Carol Robinson Gallery on Magazine St., in New Orleans.



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